From Maps to Apps: Advertising Public Info on Hospital May Be an Allowable Cost

Many years ago, the only real way to find your way from one city to another was to use a paper road map that had to be unfolded (and, of course, never folded back up the original way).

Today there are many options to help you navigate from websites such as MapQuest and Google Maps, stand-alone GPS units, and smart phone apps such as Waze or Co-pilot.

A similar situations exists for finding a hospital; many years ago you just had to look for the road sign and easily locate the nearest facility.

Today there are many options that publicize and promote hospitals which not only tell you where to find one, but what services they offer, the operating hours, physicians on staff, and many other things. Nowadays many ads go one step further and seek to differentiate it from other hospitals by citing statistics of quality, patient satisfaction, faster wait times, etc.

Tip #29:

Advertising that can be characterized as public information may be considered an allowable cost (CMS Pub 15-1, Section 2136).

Further guidance can be found on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) website:

Provider Reimbursement Manual 15-1

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